Kay Curtis in her studiois a practice. I have been making art since I was seven.  I have always known that seeing pictures is a way for me to understand and collect my world. I began in 1970 on the East Coast producing a line of hand made block printed cards. I moved in 1975 to the West Coast where I supported myself for 25 years as an artist.  In 2000, I returned to New England to begin anew.

I often work in sets and gather that which interests me inside a structure of rules. Window Painting was a technique I invented in 1990 as I moved from block printing to painting.

My palette was influenced by growing up on the islands of Jamaica and Puerto Rico as a child.

I have collected here the images from multiple shows I produced on both coasts. In a show “Which Hat Over What Fence? October 2012, I affirmed my understanding that being artist is a declaration. I say it, so I am.

Kay Curtis lives in Brattleboro, Vermont where she divides her time between art, children and advocacy.


January 2017
Brattleboro West Arts Group Show at the Robert H. Gibson River Garden at 157 Main Street in Brattleboro.
Showing 4 gouache and India ink works from Which Hat Over What Fence.

March 2017

Exhibit: A Time to Show! River Gallery School, Brattleboro, VT


May/June 2017

Exhibit: Queen Anne’s Lace: The Circle Is Coming Around. West Village Meetinghouse, Brattleboro, VT



25 Works Yve Gallery, New Orleans, LA